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Classically / Energetic Massage

The energetic massage combines different massage technologies of the western and easterly physiotherapy practice. Besides the classical whole body massage physical as well as mental blockades are solved by acupressure, foot reflex zone massage, gentle touches of the energy centres of (Chakren) and the deriving energy roads (meridians). To the reassurance of stressed skin and muscles i use for the massage the natural pure oil of the Aloe Vera plant. If you feel stressed and weakened, the ethereal oil of the Eucalyptus plant stimulates body and senses.

Enjoy the massage in my Asia Lounge. With gentle sounds you can drop yourself completely. Oriental smoke lets you escape from the everyday stress.


Hot Stone Massage

You wish that your blood curculation to be balanced? With my jade nephrite, basalt-volcano rock and white marble we stimulate your blood circulation. The stones transfer mood with a pleasant warmth which promotes the relaxation of the muscles. Supported by tender, rotary massage with warm oil your selfhealing forces are activated.

Enjoy the Hot Stone Massage in my Asia Lounge.


Do it Yourself - Massage

You sink your hands with pleasure over soft skin or your passion is the massage - with pleasure you can get rid of stress with this massage of superfluous forces. Enter warm oils, imaginative smells and charming sounds into the world of the massage. Because you give me with this massage a part of your strength and energy, the massage time used for this is free of course.


Body to Body Massage

From body to body, with this massage i am naked and you feel my sensuous curves on your whole body. Warm oils strengthen the body contact. Every fiber of your body vibrates. Gentle movements, nearness and warmth engulf you.

Enjoy the body to body massage in my  African Lounge.

Lingam Massage

With tender hands i lead you in sensually erotic spheres. Feel my eroticism in the most sensuous form. Mutual gentle touches connect our hearts. Let us go together on a trip to the world of tenderness and feel a sensitiv Happy End.

Enjoy the Lingammassage in my  African Lounge.








Naturally all massage technologies are combinable together. Please inform me simply of your wishes. Then, i put together an individual programme only for you.


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